Crime Writers’ Panel ~ The Miranda Rule

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November 20, 2013 by msashtonwriter

Crime Writers’ Panel ~ The Miranda Rule

In this video, Joseph Giacalone and Bill Cannon took a moment to help writers understand The Miranda Rule.

1:03 Why do we Have The Miranda Rule
7:35 When Miranda Doesn’t Apply
8:14 In Custody + Interrogation = Miranda
10:30 Exception to The Rule
12:10 The Miranda Sheet
18:54 Writers Beware
23:10 Court Cases = Research
25:10 Losing Your Audience Pt 2
27:26 Television vs Novel
29:54 Literary License with Miranda?
33:50 Television Scene w/Lawyer and Client
35:24 If he’s not in Custody…
37:06 From the Writers Standpoint
43:25 Nov 15th – Interview and Interrogation

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