Doing Time at the Writers’ Police Academy

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February 8, 2013 by msashtonwriter

I’m going to first start off by saying that WPA exceeded my expectations.

I first heard about Writers’ Police Academy in 2011. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in my budget, so I was forced to let go and wait impatiently for another year to arrive.

When 2012 rolled around, I was grateful for being a member of Sisters in Crime and signed up a few days after the announcement.

Lee Lofland, the founder of the academy, along with the volunteers from SIRCHE and law enforcement were supportive and took the time to answer all our questions.

They taught classes on just about everything you could think of that had to do with criminal investigations, forensics, and general law enforcement.

Writers Police Academy 2012 Forensics ClassWriters Police Academy 2012  Forensics 2

To enhance our experience we were able to see live demonstrations and participate in a string of activities that simulated what it’s like on the job.

Writers Police Academy 2012

Guest speakers included Marcia Clark, Lee Child, Dr. Elizabeth Murray, Dr. Katherine Ramsland, CJ Lyons and others. But the highlight of my trip was being able to shake the hands of Marcia, CJ, and Lee. To me they’re celebrities and I was in awe when they agreed to take pictures.

Their encouragement for us to write was well received along with the southern hospitality I experienced while talking with police and members of the community.

I will confess to becoming addicted to the sweet tea and no matter how hard I try, I still can’t get it here back home. Or maybe I’m looking for another reason to head back to NC.

There is so much to say about Writers’ Police Academy and there is no way that I could explain everything in one post. I can say to aspiring crime/mystery writers, this conference is a must and the materials I accumulated during my two days were overwhelming.

At one point, I ran out of note paper and had to use the back side to continue writing. Did I mention that I wasn’t able to attend every class on the list? You can bet that I’ve marked what I missed and will add them to my schedule for this year.

Thanks to everyone at WPA, Sisters in Crime and volunteers who made it possible for us to attend.


I didn’t leave empty handed. I won three baskets full of books (mystery, crime fiction and forensics) at the raffle held during the banquet.

Writers Police Academy 2012 Banquet Raffle 3Writers Police Academy 2012 Banquet RaffleLee Child Banquet Raffle

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