Going Beyond Online Recognition to Selling Your Book

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August 20, 2012 by msashtonwriter

Suppose you have a Web presence, but people aren’t buying your book. There could be several reasons why people aren’t buying, but the first place to look for the problem is at your own Web site where you sell your book. Having a well-functioning Web site as a point of purchase is a must. 

I work with authors to help them promote their books online. One author who came to me for marketing assistance asked me to visit his site. What I found surprised me. It was so disorganized that I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to look at first. There were Google ads, video clips, and all kinds of things not related to the author’s book, but there was not even a “buy now” button or a click here to purchase link! As simple as it may sound, some authors do not know how to create a site where the book can sell itself. That is why an entire chapter in my eBook Book Promotion in the Digital Age, Online Promotion Made Easy, is devoted to how to set up a site to market a book.
Let’s look at some of those things.

1. Don’t throw everything on the front page. The landing page should have a welcoming message and a lot of “white” space where there is no text or graphics. Include a cover photo of your book so people know they are in the right place to learn more. Perhaps set up links that invite your visitor to different pages on your site.

2. Make a separate page for each thing you have to offer. For example, your book may have a companion CD, DVD, teaching guide, testimonials, reviews, or other things related to your book, but each page of your Web site should deal with only one aspect of what you have to offer.
3. Be specific about what that page offers. Tell how this particular product, book, or aspect helps the user, and give a link or buy now button so a visitor may purchase it.
4. Cross promote all your pages to drive traffic further into your site. Not all your pages have to be listed in your navigation tabs. Some may be back pages that are reached by clicking on links. Let each page cross promote other products or services without distracting from the primary purpose of that page containing the link.
5. Promote your Web site online. Once you have your Web pages ready for visitors, start building your network and inviting people to come to your Web site and take a look around. Make sure your off-site marketing includes links that go directly to the page where the reader may find more about that particular topic or product. Don’t make your visitor search for what they are trying to find. Make it easy for someone to buy your book.
Give people a reason to buy. Tell what’s in it for them, how it benefits them, or makes their life better/easier. Extend an invitation to take action, and provide an easy way to buy your book.

After spending several years in a corporate setting, Yvonne Perry decided to make a brave move and start her own freelance writing company. Leaving her full-time position as an administrative assistant in the sales and marketing division of a Fortune 500 company, she started her new career in 2003 with very little business experience. Today, she is the owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services where she serves as a freelance ghostwriter and editor for individuals and businesses.

By aligning herself and her company with other writers and experts in the field, Perry has networked her company to the top as a premier ghostwriter and editor in Nashville, Tennessee. She and her team stay busy on client projects such as writing media releases, ghostwriting and editing books, article writing, creating ad copy, and producing business documents. The team provides writing and editing services to individuals while offering a logical way for large corporations to outsource their writing needs. Thanks to the Internet, the company’s reputation has reached international status. With her wide variety of writing experience that includes impressive résumés, personal and professional bios, high-quality press releases and articles, as well as case studies, proposals and marketing pieces, Yvonne is ready to work with you on your next project.

For more on Yvonne Perry and a list of her books, please visit Writers in the Sky.

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