Our National Lampoons Vacation

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July 14, 2012 by msashtonwriter

For this post, I thought I would combine Classic Movie Saturday with my recent trip to Disney World in Florida.

Sometimes I cringe, when my husband mentions, “Time to plan our family vacation.” For one, because my husband loves to fly and I don’t. Two, no matter how prepared we are, there is some sort of “Griswold,” experience. And three, mountains, need I say more?

I’ve been thinking about National Lampoons Vacation with Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. It’s about a man desperately wanting to spend time with his family and plans a vacation that goes wrong from the start.

There are many comedic scenes that will keep you laughing and wondering what will happen next.

My favorite is when Clark meets Christie Brinkley while on the road. She’s driving a red sports car and he’s in his family station wagon.

Later, he runs into her again at a park. Trying to look “cool,” he bites into a sandwich, with a big smile, not realizing what the dog has done.

His wife yells to everyone that the dog wet on the picnic basket. Embarrassed, “cool,” points go out the window along with his sandwich.

Thankfully, his drive across country continues, but not without its hilarious mishaps.

Another favorite character was Cousin Eddie played by Randy Quaid and it was good to see Imogene Cocoa. I remember her in two episodes of Bewitched.

Well, we haven’t experienced anything that extreme, but close enough. Every time we take one, something happens. Whether it’s some sort of mechanical issue or one of us ends up losing something along the way.

I’m grateful that this trip didn’t turn out to be as difficult as our last one. We had a minor concern about our vehicle that my husband wanted to have double-checked and it turned out to be nothing.

During our overnight, we roomed with family friends. It was crowded and inconvenient, but we made the best of it.

Although, we missed a day of Disney, our thirteen-hour stay made up for some of it. I got to see the Disney characters up close and enjoyed watching my daughter dance with Baloo during the Main Street Parade at the Magic Kingdom. 

The two of us even joined the Conga Line.

I also was able to see the Barbershop Quartet perform. They sang Mr. Sandman and Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. For a while I felt like a kid again. It was a real neat experience. 

It was an awesome trip despite the problems. Except for when my husband got off the wrong exit and we ended up over by the Orange County Jail. Yes, that was interesting.

Has anyone had a National Lampoons Vacation? If so, tell us about it.

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