Precious Times


April 1, 2012 by msashtonwriter


Photo by Jazmen Kuhnke

Photo by Jazmen Kuhnke

My following statement is very cliché and I know that we are supposed to avoid all things that are such. However, just for the heck of it, I am going to be rebellious and write it anyway.

I am watching the rain on the window and hearing the thunder in the sky. I love this type of weather. For me, it is the best “writing weather” a girl can ask for.

I am going to start by telling you that over the last three weeks I have come to appreciate life more. A while ago, I thought I had it mastered by being thankful, respectful, and working at not complaining about the up’s and down’s that life throws my way. Without realizing it, I have still been taking daily life for granted.

Do not get me wrong, I try to remember to thank the Lord every day for letting me wake up every morning. I do say “I love you” to my family members every time I get the chance. There are, however, some points in my daily life where I cram so much in at once that there is not enough time to call or visit.

After this past week, I learned quickly that taking the extra five minutes to call or go visit is worth every second it takes.

I lost a good friend of mine suddenly at the age of 22. We had many things in common, but we did not talk very often. When I did see her, the bubbly personality she possessed was breath taking.

We would sit and exchange notes about what scary movies we had seen to random history facts.

Now she is resting in a better place. For all of us down here, try to find the time to visit or call loved ones. With technology the way it is nowadays, it should only take a few moments.

2 thoughts on “Precious Times

  1. ovcoldcases says:

    Great post. EXCELLENT advice. Thank You!

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