Dear Blog: Life is Too Short


February 27, 2012 by msashtonwriter

Life is Too Short

I wonder how many people realize just how short life really is. People fight over petty things or do things out of spite just to hurt others.

After I finished the first paragraph, I stepped out to go get my nails done. While I was there I had an awesome conversation with my nail technician. I also got to meet his fiancée. They told me about their long six-year journey to be together and how much they were in love.

As I was starting to leave a woman came in and began talking about her job. She said her job was so stressful because every day she had to sit and listen to people argue about how much they hate one another.

Eventually the fighting needs to end. If you truly have the heart to make things right, then discipline yourself to do so. Trying to hurt someone in return because you are seeking revenge will eventually come back on you.

3 thoughts on “Dear Blog: Life is Too Short

  1. Judy says:

    So true. Life is too short. I make a daily choice to live in forgiveness, but to also maintain healthy boundaries. Freedom from conflict does not randomly happen only upon certain people. Freedom from bitterness and vindictiveness is a choice – a tough choice, but a choice. .

  2. […] I had become accustomed to hearing his singing throughout the house, especially when I would write. His chirps and whistles were music to my ears. It was sweet enough to put a smile on my face, even when I was having a bad day. I treasured that bonding time with Thomas, and it reminds me how short life is. […]

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