Keeping the Heart in Valentine’s Day


February 14, 2012 by msashtonwriter

It is said that in 1381, Valentine’s Day was officially linked to romance with the help of an English poet by the name of Geoffrey Chaucer. Back then a simple gift and a hand-made card would have sufficed.

Now fast forward to present Valentine’s Day—a heavily commercialized holiday. For dating sites, restaurants, and flower shops, this day is a very busy time for them.

For the rest of us, it is a great way to introduce the concepts of sharing love and the acknowledgement of those feelings that someone is very special to you. It is a reminder that we need to take time from our busy world to show love to one another. Too many people only express love on certain days like today. Valentine’s Day needs to be a door opener, not an obligation.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

2 thoughts on “Keeping the Heart in Valentine’s Day

  1. Neva Renee says:

    Hello fellow blogger. I have been following your posts, and I have been greatly enjoying them. I enjoyed this one especially, because I agree that Valentine’s Day no longer means what it used to. It has became too commercialized, and it is just another Hallmark holiday. People need to realize that they can do something special for their significant other anytime, not just on one specific day. There are 365 (366 on Leap Years) days in a year. Let’s us all of them to do so!

  2. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

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